CP Motor
Gear-in Motor

Main application areas

Major achievements in the past
CP motor
Gear-in Motor

Medical Pneumatic Pumps,
Stirring machine,
Cutting machine,
Sanding machine,
Rolling Press machine,
Mowing machine,
Lawn Mowers
Unmanned transport vehicle,
Large nail machine,
Next generation customer service robot
Small lathes,
Milling machine,
Small Drilling Machine
Cordless Small Massage Machine
Picking system
Cordless Factory Equipment
Power Tools, lawn mowers
3D Automatic Warehouse machine tool
Automatic doors,
ecurity Gate
Auto Shutter

The application field
seen in the photograph

Oxygen Generators
Light, convenient to carry

A mowing machine
Light and quiet

Station Stair luggage Handling Machine
Small, lightweight, large output,
easy to transport in stairs

Leaf removal machine
Electric type, so quiet

Snow removal work Machine
Light, work in the snow easily

Automotive pump
One-touch rapid filling

Building Window Glass Vacuum cleaner
Small and light weight.
That is why high-altitude operation is safe and secure

Oxygen Generators for mountain climbing
Compact, lightweight,
ideal for mountain climbing mobile

Solar panel Vacuum Cleaner
Small, lightweight, and safe for ceiling cleaning

Fruit Stirring machine
It is ok anywhere
by connecting it to a DC power supply

Mobile robot
Compact, lightweight, hi-power
Moving smoothly even in a small place

Handy Cleaner
Light, easy to clean with one hand

@@Small pump
Light and quiet, excellent workability